YIHUA 3-in-1 BGA YH-862D+ And YH-853A Combination Rework Station

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YIHUA 3-in-1 BGA YH-862D+ And YH-853A Combination Rework Station

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YH-862D+ and YH-853A 3-in-1 Bga Rework Station: preheating amd desoldering combination Bga Rework Station,YIHUA 3-in-1 BGA Rework Station is the excellent performance of preheating and desoldering combination

YIHUA 3-in-1 BGA Rework Station YH-862D+ and YH-853A Combination

Infrared Bga Rework Station SMD Hot Air Gun + 540W Preheating Station + 75W Soldering Irons

Suitable for:

Large flat integrated circuit IC desoldering, double deck plate of large components Welding, BGA soldering &desoldering, components of dry processing. Make difficult desoldering becomes more convenient, safe, fast

Method of use:

1. Will need processing PCB in preheating countertops, the wind gun

Aimed at need desoldering components.

2. According to the size of the components, circuit board thickness, tin melting point, set the air pressure gun Degrees and preheating temperature

3. The suggested air gun temperature range: 300-380 Degrees

suggested preheating temperature range: 200-300 Degrees

4. When the tin melting point of components, remove the element

Preheating Station Features:

* import infrared heating ceramic body, quick heating, high efficiency, long service life.

* take a thermometer, convenient PCB temperature detection.

* sensor closed loop PID control, temperature precise stable.

* can be used in the circuit board preheat, and other need whole even heating process.

* antistatic design.


Heating power: 600W

Heating area: 130 X130mm

Heating Hugh material: ceramic heating body

The temperature sensor: K thermocouple type

temperature range: 50 C-350 C

The thermometer test range: 0-400 C

Use of the environment temperature: 0-40 C

Temperature stability degree is: +_1 C

Envelop dimensions :255 (L) X200 (W) X63 (H) mm


A: preheat the original (with desoldering tools use)

1. Put the plug in the PCB powder, will be processed on the original preheater has right in the middle.

2. According to the size of the components of the PCB thickness set temperature, turn on the power switch, the preheater has will immediately; Heating up to you immediately well-posed temperature, then constant temperature.

B: remove the original

1: set up to process of PCB, put to the demolition of components in the preheated dish.

2: according to the size of the components, the thickness of the circuit board, PCB tin melting point, set the temperature.

3: set temperature, the temperature reaches constant after began warming, watch the components foot tin point light began to appear. When he saw the components of melting point feet used tweezers, will pick up components. When components dismantled and can't immediately move board, so when the PCB ministries of components of the tin pin point in near melting point, move board will shift other components. At this time, should will turn off the power to the PCB temperatures drop to room temperature to take down PCB.

YIHUA 862D+ Bga 2 In 1 Rework Station Tool / Cell Phone DeSoldering Station Features:

1.Hot air and hot iron 2in1 soldering rework station

2.Extremely low noise and space saving design

3.Advanced SMD technology for more stability use

4.YIHUA862D+ 2 in1 soldering rework station use Dual LED digital displays to show precision temperature

5.SAMSUNG microcomputer control , quick warming-up

6.Digital PID technology to enhance temperature stability

7.Adjust the airflow and temperature control rotation easily

8..Automatically stop rotation when the temperature is less than 70°C

9.Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation

10.Auto and manual startup function of airflow temperature for more personality and convenience

11.Handle with sensor switch features access operating mode when picks up or standby mode when lays down

12.Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air gun

13.ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components

14.International standard heater for convenient use and exchange

15.High-quality resistance for durable use

16.Plastic holder for placing the hot air gun , alloy iron stand for keeping the iron from flammable materials

17.Suitable for SOIC , CHIP , QFP , PLCC , BGA and temperature-sensitive components ; Fits for heating shrink , drying , lacquer removal , viscidity removal , ice-out , pre-heating and glue soldering

18.Input voltage AC 220V

19.CE approved

Main Function:

1. 862D+ integrate all merits of 862D , and improved 862D .

2. User-friendly design . the parts of 862 series air gun are equipped with the manual/automatic function to be possible to carry on the establishment according to the use environment situation , when the air gun use is frequently , it may omits elevates temperature time repeatedly to choose manual , it is convenient and quick, to raise the working efficiency .

3. Soldering iron heating element s use import high-power heater , iron holder use Aluminium alloy holder with sponge in the foot of holder , that will good for working .

Technical Data:

Power consumption 720W

Gun temperature 100-480oC

Gun type Brushless fan , gentle wind

Air flow 120L / MIN

Gun heater material Ferro-alloys

Gun heater resistance 74Ω

Temperature Range 200-480oC

Iron heater material import high-power heater

Iron type blue handle

Package list:

YH-862D+ and YH-853A + power cord


soldering iron

soldering iron holder

4 nozzles

1pcs IC pick-up

YIHUA 3-in-1 BGA YH-862D+ And YH-853A Combination Rework Station
YIHUA 3-in-1 BGA YH-862D+ And YH-853A Combination Rework Station