XD-89 STC Series Microcontroler Automatic Programmer USB Download

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XD-89 STC Series Microcontroler Automatic Programmer USB Download

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3rd generation XD-89 is STC full range of SCM STC automatic programmer, free cold starting download cable,USB to TTL cable, Full xd-89 stc series mcu automatic programmer TTL UART to USB conversion.

XD-89 STC Series Microcontroler automatic programmer TTL UART to USB conversion.

The Programmer Features:

1. This download cables supports 3.3V and 5V STC full range of all devices Programming process and support for the MSP430 BSL burn mode (MspFet software ).

2. Support Maximum baud rate 115200, work with STC12 series, STC11 series, STC15 Series Burning.

3. without frequent off the power to the microcontroller, whichThe programmer automatically download without cold startThis feature allows the STC MicrocontrollerUpload process becomes very convenient, experienced friends all know, when STC microcontroller download process requires manually turn off the power and then turn on the power of this movement, when debugging the program which will be very painful

4. supports 3.3V and 5.0V versions of STC integrated single-chip burning, downloading a 3.3V power management chip, the external power supply current up to 3.3 500MA, not from a 3.3V power supply to worry

5. most annoying STC12, STC15, STC11 series Burn100% success rateAnd dry to115200The maximum baud rate of burn ! Throw your hands in the PL-2303HX program now ! The three series of painful burn you know.not to mention you have FT232, aristocratic chip Zala ? We compared the actual Bibi burning speed. The above three series FT232 also at the highest baud rate 115200 also catch ! CP2102 more death to one side. Bother to mention it ! The programmer usesCH340 + MCU coreSTC pass to kill a full range of high-speed programming.

6. 500MA resettable fuse, perfect to protect your precious computer motherboard

7. aluminum housing protects burner motherboard ! Short circuit metal stuff from your burner on the desktop is not afraid, Ease to use, not afraid of wrestling not afraid of pressure ! The most important thing is the word - grade

8.Interface definition is printed on the housing, Do not know the interface definition for the upset ! To what instructions ah, we have housing

9. Variety of colors, generally random delivery ,For color selection , please confirm with the treasurer friends if you want to color stock

10. Support WIN7 system, compatible with all of the following systems to support 64-bit systems

STC programmer just four pins (STC89C52 SCM), 5V 0 then pick P3.0 RXD VCC TXD connected P3.1 GND to GND, With a status indicator flashes when data is being transmitted , when there is no data transmission Always.

The program also supports a variety of needs occasions USB-TTL serial signals, such as serial communications, HyperTerminal serial debugging tools, and other similar microcontroller download program, brush hard disk or set-top boxes, MSP430 MCU burning etc. but such use temporarily prompt technical support services, please explore the use of self.

XD-89 STC Series Microcontroler Automatic Programmer USB Download