Wood Clock/Wonder Alarm Clock(White Housing/Blue Light)

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Wood Clock/Wonder Alarm Clock(White Housing/Blue Light)

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Wood Clock/Wonder Alarm Clock(White Housing/Blue Light)
* Michelangelo once said that if you watch a wood with intent attendence you can find its hidden internality.
* And through this wood clock, it helps you to discover the heart of a wood.
* This wonder clock is made of wood and it can indicate time, date, calendar and even comes with alarm, all on the wooden surface without any man-made screen!
* And even the external power supply is cut off, it can still keep the time although without display on the surface because of its built in electronic cell, and when you get it powered again, you don't have to reset the time.
* You can also set the alarm which will last for 1 min with the pleasant sound of Dididi.. coming out.
* So come and try this creative wonder clock to change your way of timing life!

    * Calendar: supply calendar from 2000 to 2099, 100 year.
    * Date: month and day auto exchange.
    * Time: 12hr/ 24 hr indication.
    * Alarm: can last for 1 min, with the sound of Dididi...
    * Dual Power Supply: external electric power and internal electronic cell.
    * When the exteranl power is off, the clock keeps timing but without display on the wood.
    * You do not need to reset time when power it again.
    * Please change the internal battery(CR2025 button electronic cell) in time.
    * If supplied by external power and there is no display, press the S/H key to start again.
    * Dimension: 21.5x9x5cm.
    * Power Adaptor included.

Wood Clock/Wonder Alarm Clock(White Housing/Blue Light)