Out of stock items

Scenario 1:

All the items were in stock when your order was confirmed, but after your payment was confirmed, one of the items in your order went out of stock In this case we will ship all the in-stock items that you have ordered first, and products which are out of stock, we will ship it to you immediately once the next shipment of stock arrives.

Scenario 2:

If the item was already out of stock, how to make the order?

If the item goes out of stock, then you can't add the item which you intend to purchase into your shopping cart, certainly it doesn’t mean that you have no chance to get it. One way will be provided from our website for httbuy.com pays more attention to the requirements of each customer. You may click the out-of-stock register button and fill in your e-mail address, then send to us. Through the steps above, we have kept your requirement record, we will inform you as soon as possible when the new stock arrives, and at the same time you can make an order for the item normally. After all the shopping processes are finished, we set about dispatching your goods.