LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)

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LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)

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LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
The Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light with NASA red and blue LED lights - for those who take their growing seriously, we salute you! If you want your plants to grow faster, HIGHER, and stronger, then you need The Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light.

LED Grow Lights have been a secret with green thumbs, nursery owners, and hydroponic enthusiasts for a long time and now you too can grow plants like the best of them whether your plant of choice is tomatoes, eggplant, or a plant species with much higher resale value...like mari.........golds!

The magic behind this plant growth wonder gadget are the embedded NASA proven red and blue LED lights. In series after series of double-blind government and independently sponsored scientific studies, plants exposed continuously to the blue and red light energy found in the electromagnetic spectrum, have been found to grow best! In fact, to borrow from The Olympics slogan, if you grow your plants by shining The Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light on them, they will grow faster, HIGHER, and stronger!

While you should not expect 6 feet tall ears of corn or tomatoes the size of stage coaches, what you can expect is the Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light will activate your plant's complete growth potential, even surpassing sunlight / sunshine for photosynthetic performance! Picture This: Let's say you've got a shed out back where you've set up rows upon rows of parsley because you want to be best parlsey purveryer in your neighborhood. You could install white track lights overhead and hope the electricity company doesn't notice and then accuse of you of growing something more ominous...or you can install The Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light. The difference being that white light contains red and blue frequencies which your plants need, but also many other non-essential energy patterns your plants don't respond to. With the Hendrix Edition you are getting pure NASA blue and red light energy...the result being you use less electricity per harvest. Your energy bills are lower, and everyone's happy!

VERY IMPORTANT: While there's no doubt that LED Grow Lights are highly effective for optimizing plant growth, not all LED Grow Lights are built the same way. If you're looking for a good one, you should consider an LED Grow Light:

  • Built with a tough extruded metal shell like reinforced Aluminum that is resilient to shock yet light as well.
  • Reinforced industrial glass panels that are scratch-proof.
  • That has extra long life LED lights.
  • With good ventilation not only on the sides but at the rear as well since you'll be leaving them on in most cases 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  • That has the golden ratio of blue to red LED lights, the ratio is 1:9 so 1 blue LED light for every 9 red LED lights.
  • Which is easy to install, ideally with a flat base and three hook rings which allow you to position the light directly onto the individual plants.
  • That comes with a well-insulated power cord since you will be either water spraying your plants or you will have automated irrigation.

The Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light meets and surpasses all these stringent requirements. For example, The Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light has a total of 50 LED lights, 5 of which are blue and 45 which are red. The perfect ratio!

At a Glance...

  • Like natural steroids for your plants!
  • 50W LED grow light!
  • Red and Blue LED lights for maximum plant growth
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Well constructed with excellent ventilation
  • 5 blue LED lights, 45 red LED lights
  • Easy to install
  • Well-insulated electrical cord
  • Cuts your energy bills by up to 80%

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Main Function: LED Grow Light
  • Power Output: 50W
  • Input Current: 0.35A
  • Input Voltage/Frequency: 220V, 50Hz
  • Expected Lifespan: 25,000 hours
  • Lumens: 2000
  • Ideal height above the plant: 0.8 - 1.2 m
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Dimensions: 175mm (diameter), 60mm (height), and 1.7 m (power cord length)

Product Notes

  • This LED Grow Light can easily be hung or mounted directly to a flat ceiling or even used for indirect lighting. Making this model easier for mounting in tight or unusually shaped spaces.
  • Each LED produces light cones so that when they are clustered into arrays the light cones overlap, increasing light intensity and color mixing, meaning your plants get the most diverse combination of blues and reds for better growth stimulation.
  • No wasted energy or extra cooling equipment needed.
  • For use indoors or in greenhouses only. Not waterproof.

Package Contents

  • Model CVPX-G192 Hendrix Edition LED Grow Light
  • 3x Suspension hooks

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the frequencies of red light and blue light?
    Both red and blue light are part of the visible spectrum, this is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye. Red light has a wavelength of 620-750nm and a frequency of 400-484THz. Blue light has a wavelength of 450-495nm and a frequency of 606-668THz.
  • Why is red light important for plants?
    The red region has a utilization peak around 660-670 nm for Chlorophyll A and around 635-645 nm for Chlorophyll B. Plants generally make good use of all red wavelengths.
  • Why is blue light important for plants?
    Photosynthesis works most fundamentally from red light and secondarily from blue light. However, many plants have some need for blue light for proper growth regulation and/or flowering and/or fruiting.
  • What can I grow?
    You can grow any indoor plant with this Grow Fixture. LED grow lights are used to grow orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables. They are also great for growing or perking up any houseplant. Grow Lights make excellent choices for cloning and seedling lights since they can be placed in tight spaces without worrying about heat build up. The lights would also be suitable for all stages of plant growth.
  • Who would use an LED Grow Light?
    They are used by home hobbyists, urban gardeners and commercial growers. Even NASA uses LED grow light technology to grow plants in space!

LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)
LED Grow Light - Hendrix Edition (NASA Red and Blue)