Digital Multimeters

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Fluke 15B+ High Performance Digital Multimeter for Mobile Phone Repairs

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Fluke 15B+ is the High Performance Digital Multimeters for Mobile Phone Repairs, FLUKE F15B+ Auto Range AC DC Voltage Current Digital Multimeter Meter.... More

UNI-T UT105 UT106 UT107 UT108 UT109 Multi-Purpose Meters Handheld Automotive Multimeter

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UT100 Series Handheld Automotive Multi-Purpose Meters: UT105 /UT106 /UT107 /UT108 /UT109 Handheld Automotive Multimeters Multi-Purpose for Volt Amp Ohm Hz... More

Universal Lead Probe Needle Tip For Digital Multimeter Superfine Pen

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Pair multimeter Lead Probe for cell phone Logic Board Motherboard repair, 1000V 20A /10A Test Lead Probe Cable for cell phone repair Digital Multimeter,... More

UT139C UNI-T True RMS Handheld Digital Multimeters LCD Display Tester

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UT139 Series: UT139A / UT139B /UT139C digital multimeters are newly designed to offer users better performance and higher safety rating. Totally over-load... More

UNI-T UT33D Palm Size Car Digital Multimeter

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UNI-T UT33D is the Palm Size car Digital Multimeters, UNI-T UT33 Series:UT33D UT33A UT33B UT33C Digital Multimeters, UNI-T UT33D Palm Size DC/AC Multi... More

UNI-T UT81C Digital Multimeters Digital Wave Multimeter Oscilloscope

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UNI-T UT81 Series: UT81C / UT81B / UT81A Handheld Digital Wave Multimeter Oscilloscope, UNI-T UT81B / UT81C Digital Wave Multimeter Oscilloscope AC DC Volt... More

UNI-T UT204A Clamp Digital Multimeter UT204 DC/AC Digital Clamp Meter

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UNI-T UT204A is the powerful AC/DC Voltage Current Digital Clamp Meter, UNI-T UT204A with Current Voltmeter Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Auto Power... More

UNI-T UT58A 3.0" LCD Digital Multimeter for Mobile Phone Repairs

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UNI-T UT58A is the universal Multimeter for Mobile Phone Repairs, UNI-T UT58A digital Multimeter is a handled, battery-operated tool for measuring... More

UNI-T UT201 Auto Range Digital Multimeter Car Digital Clamp Meter

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UNI-T UT201 is the new Auto Range Multimeter, with Data Hold 400-600A Amp DC/AC Volt Ohm, UNI-T UT201 Digital Clamp Meter Ohm DMM DC AC Current Voltmeter... More