Bao Wei POWER-787A Micro Spot Charger

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Bao Wei POWER-787A Micro Spot Charger

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Bao Wei POWER-787A Micro Spot Charger
* Used by the micro-chip controlled precision current regulator step to achieve precision micro welding
* A wider current adjustment range, single / double pulse welding options, powerful, more reliable
* Unique CNC rechargeable battery function, constant current / constant voltage charging
* Micro Switch Control
* Touch key setting welding parameters, coupled with temperature display, more accurate spot welding
* Battery charging for two three-digit LED display
* Charge output short circuit protection
* Suitable for all kinds of mobile phone batteries, notebook battery welding assembly
* For precision hardware parts processing areas of welding equipment in conjunction

Power-787A Specifications:
(A) spot welding parts:
*  Input Voltage: AC 180V ~ 240V
*  Primary Current: 2A ~ 15A
*  Welding current: 50A ~ 800A (corresponding to pulse between 1ms ~ 19ms)
*  Can weld sheet metal thickness: 0.1 ~ 1.0 mm
(B) of the charge part:
*  Charging voltage: 4.2 ~ 15V Adjustable
*  Charge current: 0 ~ 2A adjustable
* Body: 140x245x200 mm
* Net weight: 4.3 kg

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice to the factory shall prevail

Bao Wei POWER-787A Micro Spot Charger