About Us

The Largest Selection of Security & Surveillance!
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Httbuy.com is the next generation of online shopping center. Here our has the worlds largest selection of Security & Surveillance, Car Accessories, Tablet PC, LED all in one convenient store. Our committed to becoming the best reliable marketplace on the net by offering high quality products with the widest selections, reasonable price. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with top-notch customer service driven by our hands on experience with the products we sell.

We are a different kind of company with the following highlights:

1. No Minimum Order Quantity
Most of our accessories products do not have minimum order quantity (MOQ), allowing customers to test their markets in desired quantities before investing more. This significantly lowers the barrier of entry for business start-ups.

2. Real Factory-Direct Prices
We are within 1 hour to most of our manufacturers and their factories to keep our procurement and logistics cost way down. Our collective buying power and ability to assemble directly from parts and components when needed ensure a rock bottom purchase cost. The saving is passed directly to our customers as their profit.

3. Get Price Quotes & Track Orders 24/7
Product prices are quoted online in real-time based on customer order history, quantity, and geographical location. Anyone can get real-time price quotes and track orders 24/7 anytime anywhere with a browser.

4. Simplify Imports for Electronics
We take care of most export/import procedures and offer global order tracking to save customers valuable time and money. Importing consumer electronics and accessories is as simple as buying from local distributors.

5. Flexible Payment
To accommodate different customer needs, we offer flexible payment methods, including major PayPal, Western Union and Money Gram.

6. Product Quality Guarranteed
Our internal Quality Assurance (QA) procedure ensures an extremely low defect rate. The product quality is further backed by our warranty.

Need more information? Feel free contact us at sales@httbuy.com.