2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L

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2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L

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2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L
Super small size, 132 degree level A+ high resolution and super wide-angle lens’ perfect designed display screen make it more convenient to shoot videos or take photos with multi-angle and high resolution under various situations.

  • Built-in 1/3.2 inch CMOS with low noisiness and high image quality enable it to capture super clear picture under low light conditions.
  • Built-in lithium battery enables to shoot video while charging the battery.
  • Built-in microphone/loudspeaker
  • Support high-capacity Micro SD card
  • Anti-shake function
  • Motion detecting video function
  • Cycling video function, delete old files to record new files automatically.
  • Automatically starting up to record when vehicle launches
  • Delay starting up function to prevent pulse current from damaging the machine the moment car-launching.
Begin to use Travel Recorder
1. Starting up: press on power button once, the blue indicator light lights up.
2. Power off: press power button again, the blue indicated light dies out.
Note: Travel Recorder will power off automatically after low-power warning when the power is low.
Battery charge
There are three methods to charge battery, the red charging indicator lights up during battery charging.
The overall charging time are 180 minus, and the red charging indicator will power off after finish the
charging automatically.
1. Use power socket to charge
2. Use USB to charge
3. Use vehicle power supply to charge

Imbed storage card

Imbed the Micro SD storage card to the card slot straight forwards according to indicated direction on the recorder until you hear a sound of ‘ka’.
Lens can be adjusted with 14-degree inclination

Basic Travel Recorder Operation
Ⅰ.How to switch film/take photos/replay

Press MODE button to switch camera shooting/take photo/replay mode.

Ⅱ.How to access system to set option
Press MENU button once, then press MENU button to enter the “system setting” option. Here “system
setting” column’s back light is blue. Press down button, then press up and down button can go on with
“system setting” switch.
Date/time: date/time setting;
Power off automatically: set time of automatic power off;
Button sound: sound of starting up and power off button;
Language setting: set all language menus that is needed;
Light source frequency: set 50Hz/60Hz (power frequency);
TV mode: set NTSC/PAL;
Default setting: restore to factory setting
Version: software version.

Ⅲ.How to film and set film option
a) Camera shooting
Camera begins to record video automatically when starting up, press OK button to stop record video, and press again to
restart recording video.

b) Film option setting

Press MENU button, enter into film option setting
Resolution ratio: 1080p/720p/480p;
Circulation recording: 3 minus/5 minus/10 minus
Movement detection: on/off
Date tag: on/off

Ⅳ. How to take photos and photo option setting
a) Take photos
Press OK to take photos
b) Setting take photos option
Press MENU button, press down button, and then press up and down button to enter into take-photo-
option setting switch.
Capture mode: single clap/timing self-time (2 second/5sec/10 sec)/continuous clap.
Resolution ratio: 12M/8M/5M/3M
Image quality: optimum/quality/standard
Acuity: strong/standard/soft
White balance: auto/sunlight/overcast/osram lamp/fluorescent lamp;
Color: normal/black and white/brown
ISO: Auto/100/200/400
Exposure compensation: -2.0 - +2.0
Facial detection: face detection/smiling face detection
Steady shot: off/on
Quick preview: off/2 secs/5 secs
Date tag: date/(date/time)

Ⅴ.File management

Press MODE button to switch to replay mode to process files management. There are 2 files format
for choosing: video reply, photo reply. Files shown on screen are your last reply action.

Ⅵ.Image and photo material reply
a) Video reply
Press down button to select the video file needed to replay
Press OK button to play and suspend the video file
Press MENU button to stop the video file playing.
b) Photo reply
Press down button to select the photo needed to replay
c) Reply option setting
Press MENU button under replay status to enter replay
1. Deletion: press confirm button can execute current single/all deletion
2. Formatting: can process formatting of inner storage card/SD Card.

Computer connection
Image and photo material download

1. After USB line connected to the computer, press power button to starting up, both blue and red power indicators light up. After starting up, storage/PICBRIDGE/lens three options will be on the screen for choosing.
2. Select storage, computer will detect Micro SD card disk automatically.
3. Select PICBRIDGE to connect printer for printing photos.
4. Select camera, it can be used as a webcam.
Note: computer operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, MAC OS x 10.3.6 above.
5.   Use computer to scan and manage files.
6.   Remove USB line to shut camera.
Note: when crash occured due to abnormal usage ofthis product, press the reset button and then start
up again to make the camera back to normal.

Technical specification

1. LCD screen size :2.4LTPS(4:3)
2. lens : 132 degree level A+ high resolution and super wide-angle lens
3. Option language :English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/ Portuguese/ Traditional Chinese/Simple Chinese/Japanese/ Russian
4. Record video 1080p/720p/480p
5. Video format AVI
6. Photo resolution 12M/8M/5M/3M
7. Photo format JPG
8. SD store slot Micro SD
9. microphone/loud speaker Built-in
10. Photo mode :Single self-time(2 sec/5 sec/10 sec)/continuous
11.Light frequency 50Hz/60Hz
12.TV output NTSC/PAL
13.USB interface USB2.0
14.Power interface 5V 500MA
15.Interface USB2.0
16.Battery Built-in polymerized lithium battery
17.System requirement Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7,MAC OS x 10.3.6 above

2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L
2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L
2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L
2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L
2.4-inch LCD High Definition Vehicle DVR / Road Safety Guard - F1000L