1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300

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1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300

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1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300
D300 HD 1080P high-definition video DV, the machine uses a unique ultra-portable design, it can be applied in various fields, for your convenience, security and colorful daily life.

1.Small form factor design, the product of the whole machine scrub, fashion wear; equipped with a variety of portable tools
2.Support network camera, network chat with
3.Support TV OUT to connect TV viewing and recording real-time
4.Support AVI video format
5.In low light, high-definition video recording can be
6.Video format is 1920 x 1080 15 frames per second.
7.High-speed transmission USB2.0 interface
8.LED indicator UV security
9.Maximum support 64G T-flash card
10.Built-in lithium battery Sustainable camera for 90 minutes or so, up to 300 hours standby time

Video format : AVI
Video encoding : M-JPEG
Video Resolution : 1920X1080P
Video frame rate : 15fps
Playback software : operating system or Mainstream audio and video playback software
Picture format : JPG
Image pixels : 12M Pix
Image ratio : 4:3
Support system : Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Mac os; Linux;
Battery capacity : 400mAh
Working time : About 90 minutes
Charging voltage : DC-5V
Interface Type : Mini 8Pin USB
Memory support : TF card
battery power : high-capacity polymer lithium

1. Use: Please strictly abide by relevant laws, this product can be used for any illegal purpose, or peril.
2. Software upgrades: In order to make products with better performance, manufacturers will continue to improve the product software, this product has user-friendly features of its own software upgrade, contact your local dealer to obtain information and the latest version of the software upgrade.
3. Operating temperature: Please use the natural temperature, not in the human body can not adapt to the temperatures
4. Working humidity: Please in the human living environment suitable for the use of humidity, do not place wet work environment, the product is not waterproof, please avoid this product exposed to rain or water spray
5. Shooting illumination: there is sufficient light in the environment, do not use the camera directly at the sun and other super-light, in order to avoid damage to optical devices.
6. Cleaning requirements: Do not dust density is too large to use the environment to prevent dust contamination of the lens and other components, affect the camera effects
7. Disposal: Please note that environmental protection, not to arbitrarily discard the product. This product is prohibited to throw in the fire to avoid explosion.

1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300
1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300
1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300
1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300
1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300
1080P HD Resolution MINI DV Recording - D300